The halloween costume mistake that could cost Aussies $2000

Costumes are part and parcel of Halloween, but did you know they can also lead to fines?

Experts are warning Aussie drivers to beware of more than just spooky decorations and terrifying costumes this Halloween season.

As people head off to enjoy their festivities, Dominic Wyatt from International Drivers Association (IDA) has shared that seemingly innocent costumes could lead people to being slapped with "fines of up to $2000".

"Australian laws are explicit about driving safely, even at Halloween. Wearing a mask or heavy costume while driving can get you fined," he said.

Left image is of cars back to back in traffic. Right image is a mum and child in their halloween costumes with masks on.
A person wearing a Halloween costume that obstructs their view could be slapped with a fine. Source: Getty

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Road rules during Halloween

Australian laws state that drivers need to have proper control of their vehicles and a clear view of the road at all times.

Wearing a costume that obscures vision, limits mobility, or in any way interferes with driving is a safety hazard and could lead to fines and loss of demerit points, depending on the jurisdiction. For example, driving a vehicle without clear view in NSW can lead to a $387 penalty and loss of three demerit points.

"Impaired vision or restricted movement can dangerously affect your driving ability, leading to potential accidents. So besides risking fines, you are also putting yourself and other road users at risk," Mr Wyatt said.

Tips to avoid fines

The IDA says the easiest way to avoid a fine is to abide by laws and use common sense:

  • If your costume includes a mask, take it off while driving.

  • Don't wear heavy make-up that could impede your vision while driving.

  • If your costume restricts movement or blocks your view of the road, don't wear it while driving.

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