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Aussie woman's Halloween signs spark fierce debate: 'Little c****'

An Aussie woman's Halloween joke has caused an uproar online, where her prank has inspired some rather nasty comments and a heated debate.

The TikToker, who sells cute and crass stickers and other lewd items shared the gag with her more than 30,000 followers.

In her video which has been viewed over 1.2 million times, she's set up a series of signs in what purports to be her front lawn, explaining that we are in Australia, and asserting that Halloween is "an American tradition".

The woman states that children should thus behave accordingly, or as she put it: "F**k off with your Halloween s**t, you little c***s".

Halloween signs on Australian woman's lawn
Viewers were split over the TikToker's Halloween signs. Source: TikTok/@thefourletterwordco

Considering that homes can be a target of Halloween pranks and the fact the video is clearly labelled as a joke, it's likely the signs weren't actually posted outside the woman's property at all, or if they were, they were only there momentarily.

Either way, while some viewers thought the signs were "perfect", others seem to have taken the joke very seriously indeed, diving into a debate about the true origins of Halloween.

"I love it when they say it's American... Halloween can be traced back 2,000 years to the Celtic Samhain festival, which celebrated the summer's end..." wrote one TikTok user.

"If I'm not mistaken, it originated in Ireland," commented another user.

Meanwhile many viewers agreed that Halloween shouldn't be celebrated in Australia but one fan of spooky season commented: "Really? The kids love to see that language. I love giving kids a little enjoyment".

We're generally not too fond of all caps in the post-Trump era, but this poetic technique was deployed masterfully when another user replied: "What makes me laugh is the fact that so many people took this seriously even though her caption says IT'S A JOKE."

Halloween fans sling insults at TikToker

Discussing the origins of a pagan holiday is one thing, but telling a woman not to reproduce is entirely another.

Sadly, the conversation did indeed go there with the top comment reading: "Joke or not don't reproduce."


Be kind people. The festive season is nearly upon us.

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