The deadly danger lurking in popular Aussie swimming spot

Rangers are warning 'not to risk your life' by swimming at the popular spot.

Locals and tourists are being warned not to risk their lives for a swim at a popular spot in the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife were forced to share a reminder on Thursday after rangers kept spotting people taking a dip at Berry Springs Nature Park, near Darwin, despite poor water quality and crocodiles possibly lurking in the shadows.

"Berry Springs remains closed for swimming!" the Facebook post read. "We know the beautiful weather is exciting and you’re keen to get your Dry Season bucket list underway, but you need to wait a little longer for Berry Springs."

A photo of the Berry Springs natural pool in April. A photo of people swimming in the spot several months back.
Rangers are warning against the deadly danger of swimming at the popular Berry Springs Nature Park during the off-season. Source: Facebook/Instagram

"Rangers are regularly having to tell people to get out of the water, despite the fact it looks like a murky soup."

Recent posts on social media show adults and children swimming in the water, seemingly unaware of the danger that lies beneath. Visitors are urged to always check signs before taking a dip.

Swimmers were also warned that there is "no regular crocodile management through the Wet Season".

"Don’t risk your life for a swim. Always Be Crocwise," the post continued.

Signs warning people at Berry Springs of the freshwater crocodiles present as well as other dangers.
There are signs warning visitors of freshwater crocodiles at Berry Springs, as well other dangers. Source: Instagram/sarah_greeenwood

The post garnered lots of attention, with more than 1,500 people reacting to it.

"My favourite place," one local said.

"Croc central!" another commented, with others also suggesting that the current murky water was the perfect place for crocodiles to be right now.

"Hopefully we get to swim in it in a few months time," a third person said.

When can I swim at Berry Springs?

Berry Springs Nature Park is considered to be one of the most popular parks to day trip, picnic and swim at in the area. The picturesque nature park is 47 kilometres from Darwin and attracts many travellers.

The natural swimming pool is closed between October to April due to flooding, water quality, risk of freshwater crocodiles and other unsafe conditions.

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