Aussies fume over dangerous mistake at deadly waterfall: ‘There’s always one’

Video shows a man desperately clinging to life while stuck in a dangerous part of the waterfall.

Footage of yet another "dangerous" three-person rescue at a popular waterfall has Queensland locals shaking their heads.

The shocking vision shows a male swimmer stuck at the steep and rocky ledge of a river at Josephine Falls, frantically clinging to some shrubs until emergency services come to his rescue.

According to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), multiple crews including a swift water team were called at 2.50pm last Wednesday to Josephine Falls Road, Cairns, when there was "potential for more rainfall and more flash flooding".

A photo of a young swimmer who got stuck on some rocks in a dangerous area at Josephine falls and had to be rescued by emergency services. Another photo of emergency services looking on as a rescue was being carried out.
A visitor at Wooroonooran National Park recorded one of three young swimmers who got stuck on some rocks in a dangerous area at Josephine Falls. Source: TikTok/allyssaak

Two young men were located on the far side of the creek and one — caught on camera — in a "dangerous position" near the river.

"Two swift water specialists had to swim to the most dangerous part of the creek to rescue them," a QFES spokesman said.

"All three were successfully rescued one at a time and returned to the right side of the river."

According to Queensland Ambulance, they were accessed afterwards by paramedics, with no injuries reported.

Yahoo News Australia understands the young men were found in a spot that was prohibited to swim in.

Locals react to video of stranded swimmer

The now viral video was viewed more than 600,000 times, with many frustrated that the men "chose to ignore the rules" especially when it had been raining heavily last week.

"There’s always one person," someone said.

"Really dangerous spot after it’s been raining," said another. "Current is strong, would take him down the waterfall below, and can definitely die."

"I washed off the edge rock slide there and had severe bruises for 9 months and sat on a donut cushion for ages. Never going in that pool again," a third person said.

Others also commented that they feel sorry for the "emergency services that have to risk their lives" for something that is so preventable.

"I use to be a firefighter in Babinda (closest town), we were there almost weekly during rainy season," someone else said.

Warning for visitors at Josephine Falls following fatalities

While some areas at the picturesque Josephine Falls are swimmable, the Queensland Department of Environment and Science says visitors have "died here" and "others have been seriously injured" and therefore strong caution should be exercised.

"People (even strong swimmers) regularly become isolated in the middle of the creek or on the far bank and require rescuing—endangering their lives and those of others," they say on their website.

Most recently there was an incident in November last year where a person fell approximately five metres.

“We have investigated the recent incident, and it is alleged the person fell from a restricted access area and they are incredibly lucky to have avoided serious injury or death," the media release said.

Access to the top section of the falls is prohibited.

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