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TikTok user films scary moment shark charges at oblivious swimmer

A shark has been filmed charging at a swimmer in a heart-racing video.

Video captured by TikTok user Katie Van Bogart shows a swimmer at Panama City Beach in the US state of Florida on Friday.

It’s not clear if the swimmer realises but a large creature begins swimming near them.

It then notices the swimmer and and appears to charge towards them. A woman screams.

Others also bellow: “shark”.

A shark is seen swimming towards a swimmer at Panama City Beach
The shark swims towards the swimmer. Source: TikTok/ Katie Van Bogart

For some reason, the shark seems to lose interest and U-turns back towards the sea.

The swimmer begins walking back to the shore.

It’s not clear what species of shark was featured in the video but Fox News reported it was a hammerhead.

Swimmer had a 'guardian angel'

Nonetheless, people on TikTok were horrified by the video with it receiving more than six million views.

“My heart skipped a beat,” one woman wrote.

One man said the swimmer must have had a “guardian angel”.

Others suggested the swimmer got lucky.

While it’s not exactly clear why the shark stopped swimming towards the swimmer, some offered up an explanation.

“The shark was chasing a fish, not after the human,” one man wrote.

Another man claimed the shark has been swimming at this particular beach for years and has “no interest in humans”.

“He’s chasing fish,” he wrote.

One woman wrote the shark knew the swimmer “was not something to eat”.

“Otherwise he would have been a goner,” she wrote.

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