Girl's terrifying encounter with shark near swimmers at beach

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A little girl’s day at the beach has been interrupted by a terrifying encounter with a shark.

Anela Rezentes, 6, was swimming at Kalama Beach, Hawaii, on the weekend when a shark bumped her from behind, KHON 2 reports.

Video obtained by the station shows Anela running in a panic as fins wave about wildly in the surf.

The shark splashed about between the girl and another man who was behind her.

“My soul left my body,” she boasted to KHON 2.

“I was very scared.”

Anela Rezentes, 6, filmed fleeing a shark at Kalama Beach, Hawaii.
Anela Rezentes, 6, filmed fleeing a shark at Kalama Beach, Hawaii.

Anela ran to the shore. Her mum Sheri Gouveia said her daughter was “hysterical” when she got out of the water.

Ms Gouveia added she didn’t realise her daughter was running from a shark but managed to film the animal flailing behind Anela.

Anela, and her fellow swimmers at the beach, were unharmed.

Experts who have reviewed the footage said it’s believed the species of shark which bumped into the six-year-old is a blacktip shark which mostly feeds on fish and isn’t harmful to humans.

It's likely the shark was simply chasing some fish when it ran into Anela.

Fishermen's feeding frenzy, unusual find in truck

Last month, a group of eager fishermen from Queensland’s Murray Island weren’t about to let a group of hungry sharks ruin their day.

In a Facebook live video that has since gone viral, Philomena Nona filmed sharks in a feeding frenzy in the Torres Strait Island region as brave fishermen stood just inches away trying to catch their share of the fish.

A blacktip shark is pictured swimming in the Indian Ocean.
The shark which bumped into the little girl is believed to be a blacktip shark. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The video has amassed more than 660,000 views from stubbed social media users as sharks thrashed near the shoreline to descend on a school of fish.

In March, TikTok viewers were left shocked and confused after a truck in the US state of Maryland was filmed travelling along a motorway with what appeared to be sharks swimming inside.

Video shows what looks like two sharks swimming by a small window on the large white box strapped onto the back of the large truck.

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