'I’d be terrified': Road rule scenario puzzles Aussies

A road rules question asking people who goes first at an intersection has left many drivers scratching their heads.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads posed the question to people on Facebook on Monday alongside a graphic.

The graphic featured pedestrians preparing to cross a street at a T-intersection. A red car is looking to turn left into their path while a bike coming from the opposite direction is looking to turn into the same street.

A car and a motorbike are pictured preparing to turn into a street where pedestrians look to cross.
The motorbike and car are both looking to turn into this street. Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland

“So, who goes first?” the department wrote.

Readers were given four options:

A. Red car, motorbike, pedestrians

B. Motorbike, red car, pedestrians

C. Pedestrians, red car, motorbike

D. Pedestrians, motorbike, red car

One man answered A and his reasoning was there was no crossing present meaning pedestrians would have to wait for traffic to pass through.

A few offered the same rationale, but all their answers were wrong.

The correct answer is C – the pedestrians cross first, the red car then turns into the street and the motorbike moves last.

“A driver or rider turning at an intersection must give way to any pedestrian/s crossing the road they are entering,” the department wrote.

“Both vehicles must give way to the pedestrians. The motorbike is crossing the path of the red car, so the car goes next, followed by the motorbike.”

Readers' dismay over road rule

Many people got the answer correct, however some were despondent the rule often was not followed.

“I’d be too terrified to try my luck crossing the road with the lack of knowledge of rules these days,” one woman wrote.

“Almost got run over on a pedestrian crossing because people don’t realise they are meant to give way on those let alone this example.”

Another woman claims she had been hit by a car “in this scenario”.

“If it was me with a baby in a pram or even kids, I would wait for the red car to go around and then the motorbike,” another woman wrote.

“I would walk across when it was clear.”

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