Temu shopper’s disastrous mistake after birthday party order

A woman who ordered 20 chairs off popular online retailer Temu got a shock when her order didn't come as expected.

A woman holding a tiny chair ordered off Temu (left) smiling at the camera (right).
A woman realised hours before her birthday party that the 20 chairs she ordered off Temu were pocket sized. Source: Jam Press

A woman who ordered chairs for her guests to sit on for her birthday party was left in stitches when 20 miniature ones turned up instead.

María Ramírez bought the 20 chairs ahead of her 41st birthday party off popular Chinese e-commerce giant Temu – but was confused when a single small parcel arrived on her doorstep hours before festivities were due to kick off.

Opening the package from Temu, famous for its low prices, she quickly realised they were, in fact, toy chairs fit for a doll’s house. Posting to social media, María shared the hilarious story online, racking up 3.4m views.

"When you order 20 Temu chairs for your party and your birthday is only hours away,” she captioned the video.

Maria holding the tiny Temu chair.
One of the 20 tiny chairs ordered off Temu that can be held in the woman's hand. Source: Jam Press

Maria admitted she failed to look at the measurements of the chairs before placing the order. “I would like to clarify that I know it was my fault for not looking at the measurements,” María said. “I was so confident on the cost because Temu really has great prices.

“It is one of my favourite pages that I use for online shopping, and that I still will continue buying from.”

In the clip, María holds up the chairs with her fingers, showing just how tiny the seats are.

Many have flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many people offering other uses for them. “Hear me out, souvenirs they can put their drinks on,” joked one.

Another added, “It’s so cute though."

“That’s what happens when you order something and don’t look at the size," pointed out a third.

Temu even commented on the woman's post: “Oops, chairs a little bit mini, but your satisfaction is our big goal! You can request a refund if the product does not meet the description.”

— Jam Press

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