Awkward Kmart detail on $22 'vintage' item: 'Beware'

The 'marble pen holder' turned out to be something different entirely.

Secondhand stores hiking up their prices has been a topic enraging Aussies as they find used clothes, homewares and knick-knacks at inflated prices.

Due to this, one vintage shopper has shared a warning after finding an item labelled as a "marble pen holder" for $22 which was actually, on closer inspection, a pre-owned "Kmart toilet brush holder" that one can buy new for $15 – brush included.

"Beware when shopping 'vintage'," the woman wrote alongside footage revealing the worn-down Anko sticker at the bottom of the marble accessory.

Screenshots of the white-coloured Kmart item labelled 'marble pen holder' for $22.
The item was advertised as a 'marble pen holder' for $22. Source: TikTok

The awkward find was shared on TikTok much to the amusement of Aussies — some who claim to have the Kmart toilet brush holder themselves.

"As a proud owner of that particular toilet brush holder from Kmart, I can tell you confidently that it was cheaper than $22 when I bought it a month or so ago," one said.

"Haha that’s embarrassing for that shop!" another responded.

A third questioned how sanitary the item is, adding "unhygienic if it’s actually been used to store the brush."

Left image of the worn-down label at the bottom of the toilet brush holder saying 'toilet brush set marble'. Right image of the Anko item that can be found online on Target or Kmart for $15 with a toilet brush included.
The same Kmart Anko item can be found online for $15 with a toilet brush included. Source: TikTok/Target

Shoppers heading to Kmart and Target instead of op-shops

Stories of overpriced op-shop finds have been making the rounds with many claiming it's now often cheaper to buy new products from stores like Kmart or Target instead of secondhand.

In March, a Vinnies shop in Sydney's inner west was under fire after a customer spotted a designer T-shirt for $350 (though was later priced at $100 after it was found to be a misprint) prompting backlash from charity shop customers.

"I don’t shop [in Vinnies] anymore. The prices on even Target-branded stuff is higher than at retail," one person said with others agreeing.

In September, a mum of six found a dinner set in her local op-shop that was priced at $250, prompting a similar backlash from frustrated shoppers.

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