Teen pushed off 18m bridge breaks her silence on friend's shocking act

The teen, who made headlines after video emerged of her being pushed off a bridge by her friend, said she wants the girl who shoved her to spend time in prison.

Jordan Holgerson, 16, is recovering from injuries after video emerged of her reluctantly preparing to jump from an 18-metre tall bridge into a river in the US state of Washington before a friend shoved her off the ledge.

The friend, identified as 18-year-old Taylor Smith, is now cooperating with police, US TV station KATU reported, while Ms Holgerson is recovering at home with six broken ribs, two punctured lungs and other injuries.

The teenager can be heard having second doubts moments before she is shoved off the bridge. Source: YouTube/Genelle Holgerson

Ms Holgerson told NBC, at first, she didn’t want her friend to be punished but has since changed her mind. 

“I’ve thought about it more, I’m kind of wanting her to sit in jail and think about at least what she did,” Jordan said. 

The teen added, while Ms Smith has apologised, she’s still angry about her injuries and how long it will take her to recover. She claims she’s still “in a lot of pain”.

Jordan Holgerson, who was pushed from an 18-metre tall bridge in the US by a friend, said she now wants the girl who pushed her to spend time in jail. Source: Today/ NBC

“In the mornings it’s the worst, like it hurts to breathe,” Jordan said.  

“My side hurts. My shoulder hurts. I can’t even get up.” 

Earlier this week, Ms Smith sparked fresh outrage, with Jordan’s family claiming the 18-year-old isn’t sorry for what she did after she was pictured with a friend at the Clark County Fair in a post on Instagram days after the incident, The Sun reported.

A family member told The Sun, Ms Smith, “clearly doesn’t care” and they believe her apology isn’t sincere”. 

“She’s been at a pool party and there were pictures of her at the county fair with a friend on Instagram,” the family member said.

Jordan Holgerson suffered a series of sickening injuries as a result of the fall Source: KATU2
Taylor Smith is cooperating with police over the incident. Source: Facebook/ Taylor Smith