Twist in case of teen who pushed friend off bridge

The teenager who allegedly pushed her friend from an 18-metre bridge and left her with serious injuries is being investigated by police.

Taylor Smith, 18, is cooperating with investigators from the Clark County Major Crimes team after allegedly shoving her 16-year-old friend from Moulton Falls bridge in Yacolt, Washington, US television station KATU reported.

The incident was forwarded to Clark County Prosecutor’s Office for “appropriate charging.”

Taylor Smith is cooperating with police over the incident. Source: Facebook/ Taylor Smith
Jordan Holgerson was pushed from the 18-metre bridge leaving her with five broken ribs. Source: YouTube

Terrifying footage of the incident shows friends counting Jordan in for a jump from the bridge’s ledge, to which she replies, “No, I won’t go in” as she hesitates.

Just seconds later Jordan is shoved in the back sending her smashing into the water’s surface at a horrible angle.

“Oh, that’s so f*****,” one man can be heard saying among a series of screams.

Taylor Smith’s apology insincere, family claims

The family of Jordan Holgerson has claimed Taylor Smith isn’t sorry for her alleged actions.

Ms Smith was pictured with a friend at the Clark County Fair in a post on Instagram on Saturday, The Sun reported.

Jordan’s family has claimed Ms Smith’s apology was insincere after she was pictured at a county fair. Source: Instagram via The Sun.

“Taylor has been going out as if nothing happened,” a family member of Ms Holgerson told the publication.

“She’s been at a pool party and there were pictures of her at the county fair with a friend on Instagram.

“She clearly doesn’t care”.

While Ms Smith messaged Ms Holgerson an apology, her family doesn’t believe it was sincere.

Jordan’s pain continues

Jordan suffered five broken ribs, a punctured lung and air bubbles in her chest, while her uterus lining also suffered damage and her legs are covered in significant bruising.

Ms Holgerson left hospital over the weekend but her family says she can barely move and is in constant pain.

Despite leaving hospital, Jordan remains in constant pain from the ordeal. Source: GoFundMe

Her aunt has since started a GoFundMe page to help cover her spiralling medical bills as the teen’s single mother of four struggles to cover the cost while taking time off work to be by her daughter’s side.

Her mother, Genelle Holgerson, said her daughter could have been killed from the push.

“My daughter’s gonna have a long road to recovery… This is not okay. She could have killed my daughter,” Ms Hogerson told US news outlet KATU 2.

Ashley Mahree, the girl who recorded and shared the video online, said the culprit’s actions were almost “criminal”.

“This could have easily taken a life, and I think this girl needs to be held accountable in some way,” she wrote online.