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Teen Adriana Kuch takes her own life after sickening bullying video shared

A video shows the girl viciously attacked at school. Two days later she took her own life.

A 14-year-old girl has tragically taken her own life after a video of her being attacked by students was shared online.

According to her dad, Adriana Kuch was continuously bullied leading up the shocking attack by four girls at Central Regional High School in New Jersey's Berkeley Township. Two days later she was found dead at her home by suicide, local media reports.

In the video shared by news outlets, Adriana is seen walking with another student when she is hit by a water bottle that breaks open. The teen is then thrown to the floor, punched, her hair pulled, all while someone is laughing in the background. One of the attacker's is also heard saying “That’s what you get, you stupid a** b***h!”.

A still from the video of 14-year-old Adrianna Kuch being attacked by classmates, while a friend tries to break up the fight.
Adriana Kuch, 14, was filmed being attacked by students in a video that was shared online, two days before taking her own life. Source: Facebook

Local media reports the girls have since been "indefinitely" suspended, but dad, Michael Kuch, believes more justice should be served.

"I was never told that she was smashed in the face with a bottle 3 times. Also, I was never told my daughter blacked out, and all they did was take her to the school nurse," he said on Facebook. "The school did not even file a police report. They told me that was not their policy. So I had to take my daughter covered in blood to the local police station.

"If the school contacted the police and filed a report and conducted an investigation, these videos could have been discovered immediately."

Adriana's sister-in-law, Jennifer Ferro, also alleged on Facebook the four students kept "harassing" the teen after the incident, "saying things like 'when we see you again we’ll beat your ass.'"

Three girls have since been charged with third-degree felony assault, while the fourth was charged with disorderly conduct, News 12 New Jersey reports.

Tributes flow for young woman

According to Adriana's online obituary, she died on February 3. Born in Toledo Ohio, she moved around a lot due to her dad's job as an Army Airborne soldier, before settling in Bayville seven years ago.

"She adored all animals, she helped children with special needs, she loved jogging with her brothers and was a true nature lover," the obituary read. "Adriana also enjoyed her walks in the woods, skateboarding, riding dune buggies and dirt bikes."

According to Ms Ferro, the teen's family "loved her more than life itself", describing her as "a beautiful girl".

"She was such an amazing person and although I did not know her in all her years of life I got to know her since she was 11," she wrote on Facebook. "And geez was she a one of a kind kid."

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.

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