Teacher slammed over son's shocking 'last-minute' Halloween costume

A teacher has been taken to task for dressing her son as Adolf Hitler in a ‘last-minute’ Halloween costume.

Pictures of her son dressed in a brush moustache with a Nazi swastika on a red armband have gone viral amidst public outrage.

However, Janet Arsanian, a junior high special education teacher, has defended the outfit claiming her son simply needed a last-minute outfit for a Halloween event in Nevada, US.

“I’m the proud parent of the boy in the Hitler costume and my son did not mean to upset anyone,” Janet Arsanian wrote in a private post to a Boulder City Facebook group

“He needed a last-minute costume and he put that together today.

“He went as Hitler yes, a historical figure.

The child’s Adolf Hitler outfit (pictured) caused outrage. Source: Facebook/Elaine Marie

“No we don’t worship Hitler or agree with what he did.”

Ms Arsanian is under fire, after the photos of her son dressed as Hitler at a Boulder City Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event, “Trunk or Treat,” went viral according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Ms Arsanian, in a private post to a Boulder City Facebook group that has since been deleted, said that the Hitler costume was simply thrown together in haste and does not reflect her or her family’s views.

The mother then compared dressing as Hitler to dressing as fictional evil characters such as Michael Myers of Halloween and wrote that her son chose to dress as Hitler because of his haircut.

“He did it all by himself and I’m proud of him,” Ms Arsanian said.

“If you guys are so sensitive maybe you should not leave your house.”

The child’s mother defended the Hitler costume (pictured right). Source: Facebook/Elaine Marie

Social media users were furious about the costume.

“A disgusting person, and raising a kid and teaching other kids?! Wow,” one user posted.

“Proof you can have a college education and not be terribly bright… why the hell did she think this was okay?? And it’s a shame because there’s such a dire need for special education teachers,” another said.

Kirsten Searer, a Clark County School District spokeswoman, said that the district is aware of the social media posts but would not reveal whether Ms Arsanian would face disciplinary action.

Ms Arsanian did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

The divisive outfit comes after a discount store in Queensland selling a ‘terrorist man’ fancy dress costume said they never meant to ‘insult or disrespect any race or religion’ by stocking the controversial outfit.