‘Sydney's worst driver’ avoids jail but ordered off road for 78 years

Leonie Ryan

A man who has been labelled ‘Sydney's worst driver’ has avoided jail time - again.

Nathaniel Barker, 78, was given a three-month suspended sentence on Monday after pleading guilty to repeatedly driving while disqualified.

His licence was also cancelled for a further two years, meaning he will not be eligible to renew it until the year 2094.

Mr Barker says he can't understand how he has been disqualified when he has

Mr Barker left court accepting of his fate, saying it was “fair” but he appeared unremorseful.

"How can a person who's made no mistakes on the road, no drinking, no accidents, no drug-affected - I haven't hit-and-run or killed anybody, ended up in your swimming pool or your house - get disqualified," he said.

'Sydney's worst driver' takes a nap on the couch instead of attending court

He has been disqualified for what police describe as being a ‘habitual offender’.

A reporter filmed Mr Barker driving his ute. Photo: 7 News/Daily Telegraph

The serial driving pest was caught behind the wheel of his ute at Waterloo in September, when he told police that he was helping a friend to park the vehicle on the street.

"He merely reversed the vehicle, assisting a friend of his, she then got in the vehicle," Mr Barker’s lawyer Omar Juweinat said.

Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson noted his bad driving record, telling him “You can not drive a vehicle anymore, full stop”.

“You've lost the right… You must stop driving. If you don't, it's jail,” she said.

The judge said she would usually call for corrective services to take an offender to the cells but, given the low seriousness of his offence, she was instead handing him a three-month suspended sentence and suspended him from driving for another two years

He will have to live to 155 to get his licence back.