Sydney mum's horror warning after nearly dying from fat burner pill

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A Sydney mum lost 25kgs in eight weeks, but she says the pills she took to do it almost killed her.

Elizabeth Katerina said she went online to find a quick way to lose the baby weight. She scoured social media and weighed up her options.

She then came across 3Action Sports Nutrition's Fatburner pills, which she purchased online from Belgium and took them as directed on the bottle.

However, after taking the pills for a week, her health took a turn.

Ms Katerina told A Current Affair she was light-headed and dizzy, she also suffered from headaches and had an upset stomach.

Ten days after taking the pills she called an ambulance when her heart rate reached 150 beats per minute and doctors told her she had been "poisoned".

Sydney mother Elizabeth Katerina wanted a quick way to lose weight. Source: A Current Affair
Sydney mother Elizabeth Katerina wanted a quick way to lose weight. Source: A Current Affair

"The doctors at the hospital at Royal North Shore, they said to me 'please throw out those diet pills. Whatever was in those Fatburners, they're not good for you, they've over stimulated your system and you've been poisoned'," she said.

Now needing several prescription drugs to get by, Ms Katerina is now also seeing a cardiologist and gastroenterologist.

"I would rather be curvy and healthy, than consume what I consumed — what I thought was safe with online shopping," she told A Current Affair. 

"I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, not even my worst enemy."

In a statement to A Current Affair, 3Action Sports Nutrition said it's Fatburner pills complies with Belgian and European legislation and is approved by the Belgian Food Safety Authorities.

Ms Katerina left a negative review of the product on Facebook and claims she rang the company, only to be told she needed to email them.

Elizabeth Katerina ended up in hospital after the took the fat burning pills. Source: A Current Affair
Elizabeth Katerina ended up in hospital after she took the fat burning pills. Source: A Current Affair

"This product has been on the market since 2018 and we have never received a complaint or dissatisfaction about it before," the statement from 3Action Sports Nutrition said.

The pills Ms Katerina used were not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA said it advises consumers to be cautious when considering purchasing medicines, dietary supplements and herbal preparations online.

"Products that are not regulated by the TGA may not meet Australian manufacturing quality standards, and could also contain undisclosed harmful ingredients or toxic contaminants that can pose a serious risk to health," he statement said.

According to A Current Affair, the option to ship Fatburner pills to Australia has been removed from the website.

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