'Dangerous and illegal': Daredevil photographers risking it all for social media fame

Michael Duffy

A death-defying social media group is taking to some of Sydney’s highest and most dangerous locations, competing for the most extreme pictures.

Scaling bridges and buildings, illegally riding trains and trams, the photo-seeking daredevils are putting their lives at risk all in the name of social media fame.

“The footage and the pictures depict persons engaged in extremely risky behaviour that is not only dangerous but illegal,” New South Wales Transport Command Superintendent Paul Devaney told 7 News.

Trespassing onto some of Sydney's highest bridges and buildings, the fame-seeking youngsters are causing a stir with their high-risk images. Source: 7 News
Police have warned the social media group that they will find them. Source: 7 News

Delving deep into the city’s underground train tunnels, the budding photographers are being urged to stop their dangerous trespassing before it’s too late.

“There’s horror to see these images, what may looks like some artistic shots, is actually a fear for me, please stay away from the tracks,” Sydney Trains’ Howard Collins urged the young offenders trespassing into underground tunnels.

The photos, while undeniably stunning, are illegal meaning those posing in the rebellious shots have concealed their identity but not in every shot.

“To those persons involved, my advice is come and see us before we knock on your door,” Superintendent Devaney said.

Heading into the city's underground tunnels, the social media group users are risking their lives to stage the perfect photos. Source: 7 News