Angry Sydney cyclist thrashes woman's mirror off car amid verbal spray

A Sydney cyclist has stunned bystanders after unleashing a torrent of abuse at a female driver in a shocking road rage incident.

The male rider could be seen shouting through the window of the woman's car at the Federation Way entrance to Centennial Park on Saturday morning before smashing the woman's side mirror to the ground.

A Bondi resident, who wishes to remain unnamed, went into "full protection mode" and began filming the incident as he walked with his newborn child and tried to calm the cyclist down during his lengthy, expletive-laden tirade.

The cyclist can be seen shouting at the woman through her window. Source: Facebook

"Excuse me mate, I know you're upset but she's probably obviously new to driving or something," the man said, trying to calm the situation.

The cyclist screams back, accusing the motorist of nearly knocking him off his bike.

"Theres no excuse for not paying attention and almost running people off the road," the rider bursts.

The man then suggests an alternative approach the rider could have taken following the alleged near miss.

"But instead of scaring her, educate her so next time she knows what to do right?," the man responds.

The rider continues to shout at the woman as a passerby stepped in to defuse the situation. Source: Facebook

The cyclist disagrees saying "she shouldn't be on the road in the first place" and marches off into the park with his bike as shocked bystanders gaze on.

The man asks what the cyclist plans to do about the woman's broken mirror, to which the rider responds "nothing" as he stomps away with his bicycle.

The cyclist can be seen disappearing into the park. Source: Facebook

The intervening man told Yahoo7 that he tried to defuse the situation with "about two dozen" people watching the altercation.

"I tried to reason with him and calm him down and explain that he was doing more harm than good given the motorist had been in the wrong from a road rules point of view but he wasn't having it and just kept yelling," he recalled.

"Full protection mode for my fellow citizens kicked in when he started trashing the car and I figured if I jumped in there to intervene a few others would join me if it did escalate."

Police are currently not investigating the incident after failing to receive a formal complaint over the altercation.