'Keep on loving': Sweet photos show elderly people holding up advice for youngsters

Nadine Carroll

Senior citizens are warming hearts by sharing their wisdom online with inspiring messages and practical life lessons for the next generation.

The images of the residents at St Claire Nursing Centre holding valuable advice written on whiteboards have gone viral after being posted on Facebook.

It started as a small idea from Debbie Michael, the activities manager at the nursing home in Missouri, to give the elderly a chance to enlighten young people with “Resident advice of the day” on the nursing home’s social media page.

Edna, 81 wrote "Slow down. You do not always need to be in such a hurry."
Edna is 81-years-old and thinks people should slow down and enjoy life more. Source: Facebook/St. Claire Nursing Centre

Since the first photo of 91-year-old Beneta was posted in August advising young people to “live a good clean life,” the daily photos have skyrocketed in popularity.

Bob N is 80 years young and his message to “keep an open mind” was a hit on social media.

Some of the messages are simple and significant.

“Be a good kid. Be nice to everyone,” Leota, 99 wrote.

Others encourage good will.

“Always lend a helping hand to those in need,” Lourine, 86 said on her board.

Dale had some wise advice for mischievous kids.

“Try to stay out of trouble,” the 88-year-old said.

While Bonnie spread practical words of wisdom for everyone to follow.

“Always pay your bills,” she wrote.

80-year-old Bob N told people to "Keep an open mind. You never know what the future has waiting for you!"
Bob advises to keep an open mind. Source: Facebook/St. Claire Nursing Centre Missouri

All of the photos have had a fair dose of Facebook fame but it was 90-year-old Bob who accidentally became a social media celebrity.

His advice from the heart sparked his own hashtag #BeLikeBob and was shared over 129,000 times, liked by 33,000 users and sparked a conversation of more than 14,000 comments.

His simple message was “Find someone to love and keep on loving them.”

The residents can now add ‘fashion designer’ to their life experience, as the nursing home recently released apparel with Bob’s advice printed on shirts.

The profits from Bob’s fashion line will go straight into the centre’s activity fund to make sure everyone at St Claire Nursing Centre continues to smile and share their priceless advice.

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