School students' touching send-off for 'waving granny'

Nadine Carroll

For 12 years students have started their day with cheerful 88-year-old Tinney Davidson waving at them from her front window.

The students from Highland Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada, have gotten used to her smiling face as they walk past her home each day and when they found out she was moving to an assisted living facility, they decided to give her a heart-warming final goodbye.

Last week 400 children gathered on the front lawn of the woman they dubbed “the waving granny” to thank her for over a decade of the simple but kind gesture.

Source: CBC News
Mrs Davidson carried on waving after her husband passed because it simply made her happy. Source: CBC News

According to CBC News, Mrs Davidson has been a beloved local fixture since she first moved into the home with her late husband 12 years ago and they both started waving “hello” to hundreds of teenagers on their way to class over the years.

“I was just enthused by them, they’re just wonderful children, they just make me feel so good,” she told CBC News in 2014.

Even when her husband passed away, the waving granny kept up the tradition and barely missed a day.

When the students heard Mrs Davidson was moving on, they organised to pay her kindness back with the ultimate gesture.

Source: CBC News
The teenagers made signs for the cheerful Mrs Davidson as they waved goodbye for the final time. Source: CBC News

CBC News reports the students walked past her home with flowers and signs thanking the waving granny, and Mrs Davidson was overcome with joy as she greeted them a final time.

As they gathered on her front lawn and blew her kisses, Mrs Davidson couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

“I was shocked that there are so many kids that want to say goodbye to me.” she said.

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