Surprising twist after jogger finds $3900 on busy Aussie street

A man in Brisbane has prompted thousands of people to question what they'd do if they found a large amount of cash on the street.

If you've ever lost your wallet and been lucky enough to have it returned, you'd know how such an act of kindness can restore your faith in humanity, but what if you found a wallet with nearly $4,000 cash in it?

Would you return it?

That's exactly what Good Samaritan Andy did after finding a wallet stuffed full of $100 notes on his afternoon run through downtown Brisbane on Sunday.

Man smiling; wallet next to stacks of cash in $100 bills
This man from the US found a wallet containing stacks of cash while jogging off a busy Brisbane street. Source: TikTok/the_tonz

After counting up the cash inside, the man from the midwest USA discovered it held a whopping $3,900 and promptly used the ID inside to track down the wallet's owner via Facebook.

Andy is apparently quite a humble guy, so his brother, who posts to TikTok as @the_tonz, took to the platform to share the feel-good story with his 11,400 followers.

After a quick intro from his brother, the video cuts to Andy explaining how he came across the wallet sitting wide open in the middle of the footpath, just off a busy inner city street.

He then shows the leather wallet and just how fat with cash it was, bulging with no less than 39 crisp $100 bills stacked inside.

The wallet's owner and his partner, a Brisbane couple who have three children, got back to Andy the following day and were so "happy and alarmed and shocked and thankful" that he'd got in touch with them.

Man's hand holding up wallet full of cash; Man posing  and smiling with family
The happy couple were astounded that Andy got in touch with them. Source: TikTok/the_tonz

The video then goes on to show Andy smiling with the family, as well as the "very generous reward" he unexpectedly received from the grateful couple: a cool $500.

Andy says he's just glad he was able to make the lucky couple's day and was proud to show that there's still some people who "will do the right thing".

Reward Andy
The man received a $500 reward for returning the wallet and cash. Source: TikTok/

Viewers of the video praised the man for his honesty, and said they'd do the same thing if they found themselves in his position.

"We need more people like you," commented one TikTok user.

"Return it... what goes around comes around," added another.

"I would return, never know what that person was going through," someone else wrote.

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