Disturbing 20kg discovery inside 4.5-metre python: 'I fled'

An enormous 4.5-metre-long python found with a pig in its belly was caught in southern Thailand.

The greedy serpent raided a fruit farm and stalked a 20kg hog in its enclosure before swallowing it whole in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on September 26.

After its feast, the bloated creature was discovered hiding among the grass by a terrified farmer who called the local rescue team for help.

Footage shows the snake with a bulging stomach as it attempted to escape the reptile handlers.

A rescuer holds the python by its neck.
There were fears for children in the village following the discovery. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

"I saw the snake not far from the pig's cage. We also had chickens here but this one seem to have a big appetite and went for the bigger animals. I was afraid he'd eat the children next so I fled and called for help," the farmer said.

The discovery of the massive creature sparked panic among parents who did a headcount on children in the village.

"After [the farmer] ran in shock to tell me about the event, I quickly organised the rescue team and ordered headcounts of the children in the village," the local chief said.

"Fortunately, none of them are missing, the snake must have eaten numerous hog badgers in the garden."

The snake resisted and slithered away to a nearby pond. A team of five rescuers and some villagers helped catch the large snake together. They were careful in handling it due to its size.

Rescuers attempt to capture the snake.
The huge snake gobbled down a 20kg pig. Source: Australscope/Viral Press

Eventually it was caught with the help of a spare wire loop. The team put it in a sack and will be released in its natural habitat far away from local residents.

Australscope/Viral Press

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