She was one of the naughtiest parents : Prince Harry shares memories of Diana in intimate documentary
'She was one of the naughtiest parents': Prince Harry shares memories of Diana in intimate documentary

Princess Diana was loved by the public for being down-to-earth, cheeky and rebellious. And it was these qualities that created some of the strongest memories for her two sons, William and Harry.

In their most intimate interview to date, Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge share treasured memories of their fun-loving mother.

“Our mother was a total kid through-and-through,” Harry recalls in a documentary to air exclusively on Sunday Night this weekend.

“When everybody says to me, ‘so she was fun, give us an example’, all I can hear is her laugh in my head. And that sort of, crazy laugh of where there was just pure happiness shown on her face.

“One of her mottos to me was: ‘You can be as naughty as you want, just don’t get caught.’

“She was one of the naughtiest parents. She would come and watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks and I mean, literally walking back from the football match and having five packets of Starburst and just the whole shirt was just bulging with sweets.”

Diana’s eldest son, William, shares a memory from his teenage years where Diana had organised supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell to be waiting for him at home when he returned from school.

“I was probably a 12 or 13-year-old boy who had posters of them on his wall and I went bright red and didn’t quite know what to say and sort of fumbled, and I think I pretty much fell the stairs on the way out. I was completely and utterly awestruck,” he says.

“That was a very funny memory that’s lived with me forever.”

Diana, our Mother: Her Life and Legacy airs Sunday 7pm only on Seven’s Sunday Night.

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