Subway makes big change to sandwich filling amid food shortages

Subway has begun alerting customers to a new "short term" menu change in response to vegetable shortages and soaring produce prices.

A notification on Subway's official website is informing customers that they can expect cabbage mixed in with their shredded lettuce for a limited time.

"We're currently facing a shortage of lettuce from our local lettuce farmers," the notice states.

Subway logo; Close-up of lettuce and cabbage mix
Subway has announced that its lettuce will be mixed with cabbage until supplies return to normal. Source: Getty Images, Facebook

"So in the short term, we'll be mixing lettuce with cabbage to keep you eating your favourite Footlongs."

While growers have been suffering the impact of recent crop-affecting weather events, Subway customers are already feeling the sting of the new menu substitute.

One Twitter user said he "can't think of anything more disgusting than lining lettuce with cabbage in a Subway sub," but added that he can "understand the shortage of supply means Subway has to do something".

Another Subway fan addressed a post to the fast-food retailer following the announcement, asking if lettuce may soon join sun-dried tomatoes and beetroot as part of the sandwich retailer's premium vegetable range.

"Will Subway start charging for lettuce soon?" the customer wrote on Facebook.

Subway follows KFC's lead

Subway's announcement follows an announcement by KFC, who similarly have opted to mix lettuce and cabbage to navigate the shortage.

"Due to the recent floods in NSW and QLD, we're currently experiencing a lettuce shortage," an online statement from the Colonel reads.

"We're using a lettuce and cabbage blend on all products containing lettuce until further notice.

"If that's not your bag, simply click 'Customise' on your chosen product and remove lettuce from the recipe."

KFC logo; Damaged lettuce crop
Flooded lettuce crops have forced KFC to seek alternative options. Source: Getty Images

Lettuce prices soar

Some supermarket customers have recently spotted heads of lettuce for as much as $12 each, while a standard cabbage retails at approximately $7.

Experts predict that the lettuce shortage may continue for some time, but the decision by restaurants to use cabbage as a substitute may help to ease the rising produce costs.

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