Students DNA tested in yoghurt thief witch-hunt

A fed-up woman has launched a witch-hunt after one of her housemates consumed her $2.60 yoghurt without her permission.

The woman was sharing a house with five others she was studying with at Taiwan’s Chinese Culture University when the shocking theft took place last month.

Broadcaster TVBS reports the woman found the empty bottle of yoghurt in the bin and asked her housemates which one of them ate it.

The woman found the bottle of yoghurt in the bin. Source: Getty/file

Outraged that nobody confessed, the woman grabbed the empty bottle of yoghurt out of the bin and took it to the police station where they carried out an official investigation.

TVBS reports police could not uncover fingerprints on the bottle so used DNA evidence to determine who was the thief.

The five suspects were summoned to the station for forensic testing.

One of the housemates was revealed as the thief and was subsequently charged with theft.