‘Think you've had a bad day?’: Student teacher’s mortifying error in submitted CV

Preparing a CV for a job can arguably be one of the most arduous, yet important tasks.

After re-reading it and making edits numerous times, you send it off with anticipation and hope of an interview.

At least that’s what a 21-year-old student teacher at Florida Atlantic University in the US thought she had done.

With her hand covering most of her mortified face, Marissa took to TikTok to share the hilariously glaring error on her resume.

“You think you’re having a bad day? I just sent this resume without changing the template picture,” she captioned the video.

Marissa left with her hand covering her embarrassed face. Right is the doctor pictured on her resume.
Marissa took to TikTok to share the hilariously glaring error on her resume. Source: TikTok

The camera then pans to her CV to show all of her information neatly formatted on the page next to an image of a man in a doctor’s white coat.

The 21-year-old said she only noticed the stock image of the man after she had already sent it to her potential employer.

Social media goes wild for hilarious CV error

The video now has almost 500,000 views and hundreds of comments from entertained viewers.

“I laughed so loud and now my kids are awake,” one woman wrote.

“Tell them that’s what you look like without make up,” another viewer joked.

“When the resume says Marissa but the picture says Marvin,” another woman said.

Many people noted that the man in the image was “quite handsome” so she might get the job anyway.

Others shared their own bad luck when it came to job hunting.

“Ok I spelt my own name wrong on a resume and I still got the job - there’s hope,” one woman assured Marissa.

“I just sent a cover letter with a different company name in the header than the one where I was applying to today. We’re on a roll,” a second said.

Numerous other commenters urged Marissa not to include a photo on her CV at all for safety reasons.

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