Aussie stranger's touching act for widow at Hungry Jack's drive-thru

A woman has shared a random act of kindness that "brought a little sunshine" to her and her children's lives at a time when they really needed it.

The family were in the Hungry Jack's drive-thru in the Moreton Bay region of Queensland when a stranger in front of them decided to pay for their meal.

"I hope this messages reaches you this evening (Saturday)," Loise Angela Doherty said, addressing the stranger on the North Lakes Community Facebook group.

"A massive thank you to the silver vehicle who paid for our meal at Hungry Jacks tonight! I didn't catch your number plate because I was so preoccupied with bawling my eyes out."

A photo of a Hungry Jack's drive-thru.
A woman has praised a stranger for their act of kindness towards her and her children, while in a Hungry Jack's drive-thru. Source: Google Maps

Ms Doherty said it was an especially difficult day for her as it had almost been one year since her husband passed away.

"Tonight has been particularly trying as my little family and I approach my husbands 1 year anniversary of his death.. driving through Hungry Jack's was my 'sorry kids mummy's in no shape to cook tonight,'" she said on Facebook.

"You have no idea how much you have blessed us!!

"Thank you, thank you!! Thank you! Your act of kindness to a widow and her children has brought a little sunshine into our lives this evening!!"

The woman also mentioned that she 'paid it forward' to the people in the car behind her.

People respond to act of kindness on social media

While the person responsible for making this woman's night has not revealed themselves, many took to Facebook to commend them for the heartfelt act.

"Such a beautiful gesture from a kind stranger, so sorry for your loss," one person said.

"Renews my faith in human kindness," another said, to which Ms Doherty replied with "Definitely! Right when we needed some extra loving too".

"I was already crying in the line so y'all made it worse when I got there to pay" she added in the comments.

Another person also agreed that a simple gesture like this can make all the difference, and spoke of her own experience.

"Just goes to show we never know what people are going through," they said.

"A simple pay it forward or a smile and a a hello can make a world of difference.

"I had someone pay for my daughter and I when we were out to lunch one day. It was such a bad day and meant the world to me. That was three years ago and we still try to pay it forward when we can."

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