Baby born in Hungry Jack's car park: ‘Completely surreal’

A Perth mum has had the best takeaway of her life — giving birth in a Hungry Jack’s car park.

Tiana Keane, 24, had been having contractions at home in High Wycombe on Friday night when she was overcome with the sudden urge to push.

“I said to [my partner] Josh, we’ve got to jump in the car and we’ve got to go now because I’m not sure that we’ve got a whole lot of time left.”

The second-time parents, who already have a two-year old son, only made it one minute up the road before Tiana asked Josh to pull over.

Tiana Keane with her son Reid after giving birth in hospital, and right, Tiana Keane at home with baby Reid. Source: Tiana Keane
A Perth mum has given birth in a Hungry Jack's carpark with the help of her partner and two good samaritans. Source: Tiana Keane

“I said you need to call an ambulance, this baby is coming out right now,” she explained, “so he pulled over into the nearest carpark and called an ambulance".

With triple-zero on the phone to talk them through it, and the help of two good samaritans who had jumped into action, the couple prepared to deliver their own baby boy.

“I was screaming at Josh, ‘the head is coming, the head is coming’,” Tiana said, “and the operator was telling Josh to put his palm down there and before you know it his head popped out.

“They were like, ‘ok the baby is going to be really slippery, he’s coming now, you don’t really have a choice, you’ve got to deliver him,’ and then he just slipped out.”

Josh Armstrong pictured with baby Reid in Hospital, and right, Reid Hudson Armstrong. Source: Tiana Keane
Josh Armstrong delivered his own son in the front seat of his partner's car in a Hungry Jack's car park in Perth. Source: Tiana Keane

Born on the front seat of mum's Mitsubishi

Despite the drama, it was smooth sailing into the world for a perfectly healthy Reid Hudson Armstrong, born on the front seat of his Mum’s Mitsubishi just three minutes after Josh pulled over.

“I wasn’t planning on that one,” he laughed. “It’s just crazy. At the time, I could hear people talking around me but I just couldn’t hear at the same time, and as he came out, it just all happened. You can’t really know what is going to happen, it just happened so fast.”

While the triple-zero operator talked Josh through the afterbirth, the two passers-by were checking over Reid.

“The guy that was trying to get him to breathe had two kids but the other man had just come from football practice and had no children, so it was a real shock for him,” Tiana said.

“It was completely surreal for everyone involved.”

Once they’d arrived a few minutes later, St John paramedics looked over both mum and baby before transporting them to King Edward Memorial Hospital.

“It’s always lovely to be involved in bringing new life into the world and we are always proud to help out,” a St John spokesperson said, “but in this case all the hard work was done by mum.”

After a check over and some paperwork, Tiana and Josh were back home with baby Reid just three hours later.

“What an entrance into the world,” Tiana said. “I am now forever known as the girl who birthed a baby in the car at Hungry Jack’s.”

“We are still very much in shock but so happy to have our little man here with us.”

The Hungry Jack's carpark in High Wycombe
The Hungry Jack's carpark in High Wycombe, where Josh and Tiana's baby was born. Source: Google Maps

Hungry Jack’s, who’s staff had also offered to help as needed, sent its congratulations to the family.

“It was heartwarming to see such wonderful community spirit,” a spokesperson said.

“We would like to acknowledge the support that our customer and the attending paramedics provided during the birth, and we wish the parents and newborn all the best.”

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