Woman gives birth to grandson at 54 after daughter can't fall pregnant

Maree Arnold, 54, who could be 'Australia's oldest surrogate', has given birth to her own grandson after her daughter Meagan White was unable to fall pregnant.

Meagan, 28, was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), a disorder that meant she was born without a uterus and therefore, could never carry a child.

But after doing research, Meagan’s mum Maree discovered she could be a surrogate for her daughter - and has now given birth to baby Winston on January 13.

Maree Arnold with grandson and daughter Meagan
Maree Arnold has given birth to her grandson after daughter Meagan was born without a uterus. Photo: Caters News

“Having Winston in our arms is a dream come true," Meagan, from Lilydale, Tasmania, said.

“When we first saw him, it was love at first sight. He has filled out hearts in a way we never knew possible.

“The C-Section was planned months ahead and the birth went entirely to plan. We arrived at the hospital at 7am and had him in our arms at 9am, it was perfect.

“We were both present for the birth. Not nervous but just excited, our doctor was fantastic, informative, and calming."


Meagan, who has a background in nursing, first received her diagnosis at 17 and feared her dream of becoming a mother would never come true after their baby girl, carried by a Canadian surrogate, sadly passed away at 21 weeks.

Mum Maree said she was heartbroken watching her daughter suffer but never imagined she could volunteer to be a surrogate, as she believed she would be deemed ‘too old’ to be allowed to carry a child.

“It is such a special experience for me and I’m over the moon to be able to help my daughter," mum-of-five Maree, who runs her own farm, said.

“I think there are different ways people get pregnant these days, and this is just another option.”

maree arnold australias oldest surrogate
Maree admitted she thought she would be 'too old' to be a surrogate. Photo: Mel Julin Photography/ via Caters News

After three failed embryo transfers, Meagan and Maree said they both began to feel a bit defeated and thought perhaps the process was not going to work.

But thankfully, the fourth transfer was a success and little Winston was welcomed into the world this month.

“I know that I was obviously older with this pregnancy, and I did get a bit more tired than when I was last pregnant 22 years ago," Maree said.

“But I was still up and about, mowing the lawns and doing things around the house. I felt great.

“My first cuddle was super special and one I will never forget. Little Winston is everything we could ask for and more. He has made our family. It’s just wonderful to see Meagan and Clyde so happy.

maree arnold holds grandchild she gave birth to
Maree says her first cuddle was 'very special'. Photo: Caters News

“I just hope our story will encourage someone else to take the same journey as we did. It’s a very rewarding thing to do, and if I had my time back, I would definitely do it all again.”

Maree could possibly be Australia's oldest surrogate to date, with Antonietta Di Maggio, from Sydney, making headlines back in 2015 for giving birth to her grandson for daughter Claudia Luca at the age of 53.

Mum and daughter both agreed that this experience has made them closer than ever.

Meagan added: “Mum and I are so close; we talk every day. I can’t even put it into words how grateful I am for her.

“Our relationship is so special. There is nobody else I’d rather have gone through this with.”

Reporting by Caters News.

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