Stranger's 'beautiful' act outside shopping centre

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A woman left a Queensland shopping centre in tears after a "beautiful" stranger came up to her bearing unexpected gifts.

Louise Nevett told Yahoo News Australia that she was going Christmas lights shopping at Noosa Village Shopping Centre when she saw the lady close by the entrance on her way in.

"When I walked out we had eye contact again and then she called out to me. I was a bit confused but went back to speak to her," the local said.

Photo of Noosa Village Shopping Centre and a photo of Louise Nevett.
Louise Nevett was having a difficult day, which made her appreciate the gifts all the more. Source: Facebook/Supplied

Ms Nevett said she was left "in shock" after the stranger gifted her flowers and a handwritten card. "I gave her a hug, it meant so much to me," Ms Nevett said.

Overcome with gratitude, she shared her experience online, saying she will "cherish" the card she received forever.

"To the beautiful lady who bestowed a random act of kindness to me this morning outside Noosa Village Shopping Centre… From the bottom of my heart, thank you," she wrote on the Noosa Community Notice Board on Facebook.

"I can’t tell you how much this meant to me .. I will enjoy these beautiful flowers, and I will cherish this card forever.. I hope you are reading this and I want you to know how much I appreciated your kindness."

Ms Nevett also posted pictures of the gifts, showing what the sweet, handwritten card said.

A photo of the flowers and another photo of the hand-written card.
Louise Nevett was walking out of Noosa Village Shopping Centre when she was surprised with a random act of kindness. Source: Facebook

"I just wanted to share with you today a small act of kindness," the stranger wrote. "To remind you of the good things in the world amidst all the challenges as well. Keep hope in your heart and remember that you are special, worthy and unique."

"I truly hope you have a wonderful day and experience many blessings. I hope life treats you kindly and you feel free and hopeful. From my heart to yours."

Act of kindness came at much-needed time

Ms Nevett told Yahoo News Australia that the timing of the "selfless" act was "so powerful" and "absolutely perfect".

"I went back and sat in my car bawling my eyes out for about half an hour, I had a very heavy heart on (Sunday) morning struggling with a recent relationship breakdown with my father," Ms Nevett said.

"You never know what other people are going through, and a small gesture of kindness can make an enormous difference. I am now going to promise to pay it forward as I hope to make someone feel as good as I did."

Social media users react to random act of kindness

The post went viral on the Facebook group, clearly touching many hearts, with more than 800 seeing it.

"Absolutely beautiful. We need more of this in the world!" one person said.

Many praised the stranger for her kind act. "What a divine human being she is and I'm thrilled for you to be the worthy recipient of this magnificent gesture," another wrote.

Some also commented on the "ripple effect" the post had.

"Made my day too and I’m sure everyone who’s reading this," one person said. "So thank you for sharing!!"

"What a beautiful community we have here," said another. "So proud to be part of it".

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