Moment police officers on patrol confronted by four-metre shark

Two police officers have told how they were stalked by a great white shark while carrying out an Easter boating blitz in South Australia.

The extraordinary encounter was filmed on Saturday by three fishers they were trying to breath test.

Sergeants Tristan Shaw and Andrew Suter were on patrol when the four-metre shark appeared several kilometres off Yorke Peninsula.

The shark hovering around a fisher's boat in South Australia. Source: 7 News
The shark was more than four metres long. Source: 7 News

"We've gone to approach a vessel for a check and at that time the people on that boat have alerted us to the shark," Sgt Shaw said.

The officers said the four-metre shark seemed curious rather than threatening, but they were still worried about their inflatable dinghy.

Police said the shark seemed more curious than threatening. Source: 7 News

"We were hoping it wouldn't bite on the inflatable pontoons," Sgt Shaw said.

"Being air, it wouldn't have been a good result for us."

The officers, who have patrolled the waters for seven years, say they have never seen anything like it.

Sgt Shaw said he had never seen anything like it in seven years of patrolling water. Source: 7 News

The shark was longer than their four-metre dinghy.

"I was more worried when it disappeared than when we could actually see it," Sgt Suter said.

The shark hung around the boat for about 20 minutes before swimming off.

The shark hung around for 20 minutes. Source: 7 News

The boaties got away too - without giving that breath test.