Not cool! Snake hanging from air conditioner devours huge rat

Even with an air conditioner pumping, it’s hard to keep your cool when you see a python emerge from the unit to collect a massive rat.

That was the exact scenario for one unlucky Chinese homeowner, who captured spine-tingling footage of the serpent going full mission impossible on one unlucky rodent.

Rats are said to be the favourite snacks for the reptiles, and this snake went through great lengths to gain its meal.

The incident occurred in summer when the AC was used the most. This made people question the possibility of reptiles and rodents entering the house even through a working air conditioning system.

No thanks. Source: Facebook
No thanks. Source: Facebook

Viewed more than 50 million times, Facebook users were left astounded by the way the snake casually slid through the air conditioning flaps to collect it’s feed.

“I am sitting here looking rather cautiously at the aircon in my room now,” one woman wrote.

“I'll never look at my air conditioner the same again,” another added.

“I'd have to burn the house - no room for a snake, a mouse and me,” a woman said in response.