Bizarre Centrelink scene in small Aussie town delights locals: 'Such a wild place'

Locals says it's not the first time the good-looking animal has been seen around town.

The alpaca and its handler spotted in the Tasmanian Centrelink store.
The alpaca certainly turned some head in Centrelink. Source: TikTok

Locals were left a little stunned by an unlikely visitor inside a Centrelink this week as most did not expect to see a harnessed alpaca trotting about in the shopfront of the frontline government agency.

The brown alpaca was spotted on Tuesday in Launceston, a town in the north of Tasmania, and the reaction has ranged from confusion and shock to absolute delight and hilarity from the sighting of the farm animal in the unusual setting.

In one video taken from inside the Centrelink offices a young child can be seen taking an interest in the animal before a concerned parent grabs her hand and leads her away, while the seemingly unfazed alpaca continues walking toward the exit.

The brown alpaca being led toward the exit by an animal handler in pink (right) and another man (left).
The brown alpaca spotted in Centrelink Launceston stuns Aussies. Source: TikTok

The animal was earlier spotted laying on a blanket inside the venue while it's handler waited to speak with workers at the government agency, while many around them giggled in disbelief.

"Centrelink is such a wild place hey," one Aussie wrote online after the scene was shared online.

A second video showed Kmart shoppers experience similar delight as the alpaca was also spotted there on Tuesday, with staff and the animal handler both appearing to go about their business as if it is the most normal thing in the world to walk an alpaca around the retail store on a leash.

"I can't believe there's an alpaca inside," a small voice can be heard saying.

After the videos were posted online dozens of locals claimed to have seen the alpaca around town, with the animal reportedly taking a trip to Woolworths and Hungry Jack's on the same day. People from the town claim they have seen the animal around for sometime now.

"This alpaca gets better days out than I do," one joked, while others jested it must be an "emotional support alpaca" if it's permitted inside stores.

A Centrelink spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News the alpaca was allowed inside the Launceston service centre as an assistance animal.

"We understand the importance of specially trained assistance animals for our customers and our obligations to give assistance animals access to public facilities," the spokesperson said. "Assistance animals must be appropriately trained or accredited under a state or territory law, or an animal training organisation."

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