Snake catcher's scary moment with highly venomous predator: 'CLOSEST CALL'

A small but deadly reptile gave an experienced Queensland snake catcher a fright.

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The moment a snake catcher was almost bitten by a venomous and "cheeky" reptile has been captured on video.

When showing up to the Twin Waters house on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Stuart McKenzie experienced the "closest call [he's] had in a while".

"It's been a hectic week and in the heat of it all yesterday, I nearly copped a bite from a small Red Belly!" he said on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page on Saturday.

Two photos from a video of snake catcher retrieving a small red-bellied black snake on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
The Queensland snake catcher was called to a home on the Sunshine Coast when he had a close call with a small, red-bellied black snake. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

The small yet deadly red-bellied black snake — commonly spotted in eastern Australia — is seen in the video trying to escape through the fence of the family's back shed. Stu then picks it up with the help of a hook while holding it's tail with his hand.

As he's standing back up, the slithering snake puts up a fight and starts wiggling around before "head butting" the snake catcher's finger.

"This cheeky little thing head-butted my finger... closest call I've had in a little while," he says moments later when releasing the snake into the bush. "Off you go Mr Cheeky," he affectionately said, despite having such a close call with the venomous creature.

What to do if you're bitten by a snake?

Australian Reptile Park’s Billy Collett told Yahoo News Australia people should be taking proactive steps when seeing a snake around the house.

“Especially around our households with keeping lawns mowed and rubbish piles at bay, and being up to date with snake first aid,” Billy previously said, adding that a pressure bandage is all that’s needed in a suspected bite.

“All you need to do is get your bandage and go over the bite sight three times, and work your way up the limb, immobilise and get yourself to hospital,” he explained. “Get the bandage on in the first few minutes because it slows the movement down dramatically.”

While anyone who spots a snake is told not to go anywhere near it. “Stay away from it, don't muck with it and call your local snake catcher.”

Two photos of other big red-bellied black snakes Stu has rescued in the past from Queensland homes.
Other red-bellied black snakes Stu has rescued in the past from Queensland homes, which are much larger in size. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Red-bellied black snakes are not considered an aggressive species, however when provoked they will try to defend itself, with some bite victims reporting a loss of sense of smell.

'Lucky it didn't bite'

Many congratulated snake catcher Stu on how he handled the situation, telling him to thank his lucky stars.

"That was so close," one person said on Facebook.

"So lucky it didn't decide to bite," another said.

"It's the smaller ones that usually get you, a lot harder to handle," a third person said.

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