Shoppers rejoice at new Woolworths self-serve checkouts: 'Upped the game'

Woolworths shoppers are elated over a new feature at the supermarket giant’s self-service checkouts.

A customer, who appears to live in Victoria, spotted the addition while picking up some groceries this week.

Video footage shared on the man’s TikTok reveals two larger checkouts with twice the usual amount of space to place items before scanning them.

“Look at that. So good,” the man can be heard saying.

Footage of the larger checkout at a Woolworths store.
A Woolworths customer spotted the new addition while picking up some groceries this week. Source: TikTok/2fast

They new registers sit at the end of a row of standard self-service machines.

“Woolies upped the game for self-serve registers,” the video is captioned.

Other shoppers appear to agree, with the footage racking up more than 25,000 views in just three days.

“Wow,” one person commented.

“Ugh finally,” another said.

However, some people didn’t seem too impressed with the new feature, one of which said the wider part of the checkout should be “on the other side for everything once it’s bagged”.

“Prefer more people serving,” a man wrote.

“I do not use self checkout unless they give me a discount for serving myself,” another said.

“Omg had them in New Zealand for three years now…you guys finally leaving the dark ages?” a third joked.

Several shoppers said they believe the new checkouts allow for a trolley to be pushed in next to the scanner.

"We're always cooking up new and better ways to give our customers the most convenient shopping experience, upping our game with larger self service checkouts is just one of them," a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Woolworths checkout practice sparks debate after shopper's rant

The revelation comes after a Woolworths shopper slammed an “inconvenient” checkout practice in a seething Facebook post.

He said he had recently learned the supermarket has a “new policy where checkout operators now ‘double handle’ your items”.

The man claimed the policy takes too long for shoppers who just want to buy a couple of items.

Shoppers are seen leaving a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney. Source: AAP
Some shoppers said they would prefer to be served by staff at the checkout. Source: AAP

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