'Sad situation': Shocking video shows snake trying to eat family's beloved pet

Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to a “sad situation” in Queensland, after a family tried to save their pet kitten from a carpet python.

Unfortunately, the family from Buderim were unable to save their beloved pet and called on the snake catcher to seperate the python from the small ginger kitten, so they could bury it.

In video released with with family’s permission, Mr McKenzie films the python as it prepares to start devouring the cat.

The python devours the kitten.
Sadly, the family pet stood little chance. Source: Stuart McKenzie

“You can see the snake trying to line the cat up so it can try and swallow it but I’m going to separate them because it is a very sad situation,” Mr McKenzie said in the video.

“This is someone’s pet and they obviously want to be able to bury it”.

The family heard a commotion under their house and tried desperately to save the cat using a broom stick but it was too late.

Mr McKenzie said although the snake was doing what came naturally, to “try and get itself a feed” it was a “sad situation” he hoped would encourage other pet owners to keep animals in their sight.

The video comes just a month after security camera captured Queensland pet owners recusing their tiny puppy from the grip of a large python that pounced on the animal in their backyard.

Mr McKenzie urged cat owners to keep their felines indoors at night, not only to save their pets but also to help protect other wildlife.

“Please be wary that if your cats are allowed to roam the streets at night they are more than likely killing lots of native wildlife and they also may not come home one day as they could get hit by a car or killed by another animal,” he wrote.

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