Shocking snake act sparks urgent warning: 'A loaded gun'

Video shows the eastern brown snake being repeatedly prodded by what appears to be a stick or pole.

A shocking video of what appears to be someone poking a deadly eastern brown snake at an Aussie home has prompted a stern warning from experts.

Footage of the “very angry” snake furiously attacking a power tool after being prodded at by what looks like a long stick or pole caused a stir after being posted online on Friday. Annoyed, the agitated eastern brown repeatedly tries to bite the tool before trying to slither away.

The eastern brown snake being prodded by the stick and attacking the power tool.
Those who filmed the footage were slammed for repeatedly prodding the eastern brown snake with what appears to be a stick or pole. Source: Facebook

The clip, filmed at a home in Hervey Bay, Queensland, was quickly slammed by viewers after being posted on a Facebook page dedicated to snakes. Many Aussie enthusiasts argued that whoever encountered the snake had clearly angered it by repeatedly poking at it. The post has since been deleted.

Snake catcher: 'Playing with a loaded gun'

After viewing the video, Justin with Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 told Yahoo News Australia the behaviour depicted is “the equivalent of playing with a loaded gun”.

“It’s definitely not a good idea,” he said, referencing the stick and the species’ reputation “as the second most venomous land animal on the planet”.

“They would be putting themselves in immense danger. Snakes have no interest in fighting or attacking us, but they WILL defend themselves if necessary.”

If you see a snake in your garden or house, it’s recommended you walk away from it slowly and keep pets at a safe distance, as the snake will likely move on. To have it removed, call a licensed snake handler in your area.

Snakes on the move

Snakes have been out and about in recent weeks as Australia swelters through unseasonably high temperatures, with one Queensland woman getting more than she bargained for upon discovering a snake curled around her toilet roll holder — after getting out of the shower.

The spike in sightings has also led an increase in dogs being bitten by snakes.

Vet Dr Liam Donaldson told Yahoo pet owners should check their yards for any hazards that may be creating hiding places, such as long grass, shrubs and bushes. “And especially check the backyard shed just in case there’s any snakes that have been curled up over the winter,” he said.

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