Shocking CCTV shows moment woman pushed in front of moving train

Nadine Carroll
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Surveillance footage posted to social media shows the moment a man aggressively pushes a woman onto train tracks seconds before a train arrives.

In the moments leading up to the attack a man can be seen pacing back and forth before running up behind the woman and shoving her on to the tracks.

Seconds later a train pulls up and a bystander can be seen grabbing his head and turning away in shock.

CCTV vision of a man pushing a woman on to train tracks shortly before a train arrives
In the vision a man can be seen pacing back and fourth before running up behind the woman and shoving her on to the tracks. Source: Twitter/@progressiveact

The incident happened in Manhattan 14th Street-Union Square station at 8:30am on Thursday (local time).

Police confirmed at a media conference the 40-year-old victim escaped with “very minor injuries but for the grace of God”.

It was revealed the woman narrowly escaped being hit by the train as she landed between the roll bed and the rails.

The New York Post named the suspect as homeless man Aditya Vemulapati, he was not known to the victim but police said they believe the attack was planned.

“The perpetrator waited purposely as the train was approaching and pushed the victim onto the tracks,” Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly said.

Police confirmed in a press conference they had arrested the man “immediately” after the incident and charged him with attempted murder and assault reckless endangerment.

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