Chilling moment burglars break into 4-year-old's bedroom

Nadine Carroll
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This is the moment three masked men broke into a home, leaving a four-year-old girl terrified and a father furious.

Adrian Thompson posted CCTV vision on Facebook showing a gang of burglars breaking into his home in North Staffordshire, UK, through his daughter’s bedroom window on November 12.

In the vision two men can be seen on the roof using a tool to force open a window, while a third accomplice stays on the ground below.

CCTV vision of three men breaking into a family home through a 4-year-old girl's bedroom window.
‘If you were intending on terrifying my daughter, you have succeeded’: An angry parent's message to the men that broke into their home. Source: Adrian Thompson via Storyful

The trio seemed prepared with masks and hoods helping to obscure their identities and wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. At one stage, one of the men looks directly into the security camera before putting his finger to his lips motioning to be quiet.

After two of the men squeeze through the window, the video ends as one of the men violently knocks the camera away.

“To the three young gentlemen that entered my home, uninvited, through my 4yr old daughter’s bedroom yesterday evening at 18:33. If you were intending on terrifying her, you have succeeded,” an upset Mr Thompson wrote on Facebook.

It took the men 11 minutes to break into the family home where they ransacked three upstairs bedrooms, stealing jewellery and the little girl’s money box filled with a few dollars of loose change amongst other items.

“If you intended on stealing items of great personal value you have succeeded. If it was just cash you were after then the contents of a little girl’s money boxes probably rates as a miserable failure?” Mr Thompson continued.

The father told local outlet Stoke on Trent his daughter Harriet has been left too scared to sleep in her own bed after she made the initial discovery of the aftermath of the break in.

"Harriet was the first to see the mess. She's a clever little tyke and it's definitely upsetting her. We've been trying to play it down but it's bothering her,” he said.

CCTV vision of three men breaking into a family home through a 4-year-old girl's bedroom window.
Three men were caught on CCTV breaking into a family home, they escaped with a 4-year-old girl's money box. Source: Adrian Thompson via Storyful

Local police confirmed they were assessing the CCTV vision but Mr Thompson said they have yet to identify the thieves.

He has posted the vision on Facebook hoping somebody will recognise the men in the alarming footage.

“You have caused harm to my child. I really hope no-one recognises you,” he wrote.

In response to the video Mr Thompson told Stoke on Trent his neighbourhood was “lovely” and the incident has left locals upset but they have come forward helping with information.

"I've been staggered by the response the post got on Facebook. Everyone has been so kind and generous. It's restored our faith in humanity,” he said.

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