Aussie Imam demands Royal Commission, deportation of 'radical Islamic leaders'

The sheikh who was sent into hiding after a series of statements criticising extreme Islamic views has demanded a Royal Commission into radical Muslim groups.

Taking to Facebook once more, Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi called for an official inquiry into Islamist extremism, just days after Hizb ut-Tahrir released footage which was accused of promoting domestic violence.

That footage showed Muslim women discussing exactly when and how men should hit their wives.

“We urgently need a Royal Commission into Wahabism, Salafism, Hizb ut Tahrir and all other forms of radical Sunni Islam,” Sheikh Tawhidi said on Facebook on Tuesday.

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi called for an official enquiry into Islamist extremism. Source: Facebook

“Their books must be banned, centres closed and leaders deported. I will proudly support and stand by this.”

“If you want Halal certified products then you must open a private Muslim market," he said in the lead up to Easter, taking aim at Cadbury chocolates.

Just last week, Imam Tawhidi sparked outrage amongst the Muslim community when he said halal-certification was threatening the Australian way of life.

“Why are these chocolate bars involved in religious interests or profit for Islamic businesses?” he added.

“Why do Muslims walk into Woolworths and Coles (public Australian businesses) and expect Halal certified products?

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi has spoken out against halal chocolates.

Prior to that, the Adelaide-based Imam was sent into hiding after his claims that Islamic schools in Australia needed to be axed.

"These schools do exist that are a problem and they need to be either shut down or changed completely," Imam Tawhidi said.

Fearing reprisals, the Adelaide-based Imam said he was escorted into hiding by police.

Imam Tawhidi fears for his safety after agreeing with a controversial anti-Islamic speaker. Photo: 7 News