Shark spotted among swimmers at Aussie beach TWICE in one week

Incredible video shows a 2.5m shark between swimmers at an Aussie beach on Monday. It had been filmed at the same beach last week.

A popular Perth beach was closed for the second time in less than a week on Monday after a 2.5-metre tiger shark was spotted swimming close to shore.

Swimmers at Mullaloo beach in the city's northern suburbs were forced out of the water at around 6 pm according to reports when the animal named "Trevor" got up close to locals. Drone footage captured by Toby Nicol down the southern end of the beach at Pinaroo Point shows the shark cruising between swimmers.

A 2.5-metre tiger shark was spotted swimming amount oblivious beachgoers at Mullaloo beach in Perth on Monday. Source: Instagram/sunrise_searcher
A 2.5m tiger shark was spotted swimming among oblivious beachgoers at the southern end of Mullaloo beach in Perth on Monday. Source: Instagram/sunrise_searcher

Mullaloo is the same beach where a shark of a similar size caused a scare last Thursday. It was also closed for two days in December when a tiger shark — believed to be Trevor — was spotted swimming within metres of a family.

Swimmers' close call with shark

Aerial footage captured by Mr Nicol shows the curious predator moving up and down the length of the beach close to shore. Mr Nicol said a man was in the water calling out to his child to join him, completely obvious to what was lurking nearby.

Another woman standing waist-deep in the water spotted the shark as it approaches her, Mr Nichols explained. But the level-headed swimmer remained calm and made her way to shore.

"I immediately told the lifeguards what was going on and they sped down the beach to get people out of the water," Mr Nichol wrote on Instagram. "The lifeguard then informed me when he got back that she had seen the shark," he said, referring to the woman in the clip.

Mr Nicol told Storyful that Trevor the tiger shark has been "using the shallows of Perth’s northern beaches for a month now" and has had many close encounters with people. Another drone operator, Sam Wood, also captured the incredible scenes.

"Mullaloo beach today!! It was absolutely packed and our 2.5m Tiger Shark friend put on a show for the big audience!" she shared online.

Drone operator Sam Wood spotted the tiger shark at Mullaloo beach in Perth on Monday. Source: wanderlust_flyer
Drone operator Sam Wood spotted the tiger shark at Mullaloo beach in Perth on Monday which startled many beachgoers. Source: wanderlust_flyer

Other beaches along the coastline have had similar sightings too, including Hillarys Dog Beach. On Janurary 2, Mr Wood shared footage on his Wanderlust Flyer Instagram account showing a large shark swimming close to shore at the popular beach just days after Christmas.

The incredible drone footage shows the moment an oblivious woman swam in the shallows of the Perth beach as the tiger shark loitered just a few metres away. Mr Wood admitted he was seriously worried he was about to witness an attack.

Shark incidents on the rise

Australia’s oceans are home to the three species responsible for the most shark bites, including the white, tiger and bull shark.

In the last decade, there have been 249 incidents involving sharks and humans, a 44 percent jump on the previous decade, according to Taronga Zoo’s Australian Shark Incident Database. Between 2013 and the end of this year, 25 people lost their lives to shark bites worldwide compared to 17 in the 10 years’ prior.

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