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Drone Shows Shark Coming Close to Swimmers at Western Australia Beach

Swimmers at a beach outside Perth, Western Australia, were unaware of how close they were to a large shark, with drone footage posted online on January 2 showing the outline of the huge fish close to the shore.

Sam Wood, who shared the video on his Wanderlust Flyer Instagram account, said the footage was taken at Hillarys Dog Beach on December 28.

The footage shows what local media identified as a tiger shark swimming within meters of unsuspecting bathers, while some pet dogs of beachgoers are also seen in the water as the shark swims close by.

Wood said that after spotting the shark, he “ran down to the beach and yelled to get the people out of the water”, with a local news report noting that “luckily” the shark had little interest in the humans swimming around it.

Mullaloo Beach in Perth was forced to close for two days during December after a tiger shark was spotted within meters of swimmers. Credit: wanderlust_flyer via Storyful

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