Seven-year-old bashed in shopping centre toilet

A seven-year-old girl has allegedly been bashed by teenagers in a suburban Brisbane shopping centre toilet.

The young girl had gone to the bathroom at Sunnybank Plaza after visiting her parents, who own a local takeaway shop.

According to Quest newspaper, she was approached by the 13-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy after leaving the bathroom.

Police say the pair took the young girl into the parents’ room and kept her captive for 20 minutes.

They allegedly punched her repeatedly, leaving her bloody and bruised.

Her mother said: ``My daughter came back crying with blood on her face.

"I thought she had fallen over but she said someone had punched her."

The girl said she didn’t know the pair and that they stood in front of the door and wouldn’t let her go.

The pair were caught thanks to CCTV footage and have been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and deprivation of liberty.

The young girl’s mother says she doesn’t blame the shopping centre, but warns other parents to be vigilant in public places

The girl was taken to hospital where she was treated for minor injuries, but her mother says she is still psychological scarred.