Set for Life winner's 'truly bizarre' reaction to $4.8 million lotto prize

The woman's reaction to her mega Set For Life win was priceless.

Left: Set for Life ticket on sparkly background. Right: A file picture of a woman holding a Set For Life ticket.
A Victorian woman (not pictured) has won $4.8 million on this week's Set for Life draw. Source: The Lott

A last-minute decision on an "off day" has led to a lucky $4.8 million lottery win, with a shocked Aussie woman admitting her "intuition" made her buy the ticket.

The winner from Victoria said she wasn't feeling herself when she purchased a ticket for Monday's Set for Life draw, but a "weird vibe" made her get dressed and "get out of the house".

And lucky she did because the winner from Langwarrin in Melbourne held the only division one entry and will now receive instalments of $20,000 a month for the next 20 years — a total of $4.8 million. The winning numbers in draw 3189 were 31, 36, 37, 38, 18, 10 and 33, while the supplementary numbers were 20 and 4.

Speaking of her big win, the woman said the news also came with some "truly bizarre" side effects including "loss of appetite" and "light-headedness", unable to believe her luck while on the phone with lottery officials.

"I feel sick, but happy sick!" she laughed. "I am hungry, but I can’t come to terms with eating! I’m shaking, it’s bizarre. Truly bizarre."

The elated winner was on the phone with her husband when they realised she held a winning ticket. The ecstatic woman then shared the news with her dog. "I said to my dog, 'S***! You won’t believe me, but I won! I gave him a Schmako, but now he can have endless Schmakos," she said.

"You wouldn’t believe it. I wasn’t feeling myself when I purchased the Set for Life ticket on Saturday, and I had no emotional energy — I couldn’t be bothered to get out of the house," she admitted while on the phone to The Lott.

Man holding cash in his hands.
The winner will receive $20,000 each month for the next 20 years. Source: Getty

"But I had this overwhelming sense to go get the ticket. I had this weird vibe that my numbers would win. I can’t describe it. I said to myself, 'Don't be pathetic, get out of the house!'.

"I'm thanking my lucky stars for getting out of the house and buying that ticket; look what’s happened!"

This marks the 128th Set for Life division one winner nationally since the game began, and the third Set for Life division one winner so far this calendar year. In 2023, there were 18 Set for Life division one winners across Australia who will receive $86.4 million during the next 20 years.

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