Secret McDonald’s menu hack for cheaper meals revealed by Aussie : 'Free fries'

The Macca's hack has been hailed for giving customers more for less.

A McDonald’s customer has shared a little-known menu hack that sees customers get an upgraded meal for less money.

Confirming that the hack can be used in store and at the drive-thru she said that it’s as simple as changing one element in the meal to get more for less.

“Order a large meal, then when they ask you what drink you want, say you want a medium coke,” she explained to the 340,000 members of the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group.

“You get a free large fries to upgrade for cheaper than a medium meal.”

Screenshot of the hack (left) and a McDonald's sign (right).
People online have discovered a Maccas menu hack which gives them more chips. Source: Facebook/ Markdown Addicts Australia

The move essentially sees customers paying less for a “large” meal with a downgraded drink than what they would pay for a medium meal. Meaning that they get an upgraded size of fries and save some money while doing it.

Clarifying the hack further, the Macca's customer explained that the changed meal works out cheaper than a medium meal and includes large chips instead of medium chips.

Sharing an example, she said a medium McChicken meal costs $13.30, but a large meal with a medium drink costs $13.05.

Does it work?

Group members were quick to test out the theory on the app with many confirming that it worked with many left “shocked” that they could do it.

“That’s awesome! I Just tested the idea using a cheeseburger,” one person said after ordering a large cheeseburger meal and changing the drink to a medium. “It’s only $0.10 difference but I scored a large fries in the process.”

Two former McDonald’s employees also chimed in confirming that the hack did work, and adding that the drink sizes are also the same.

“You can get any size drink with any meal. I used to do that when I worked there as it's cheaper and a large/medium cup is basically the same size,” the former employee said.

Screenshots from the McDonald's app.
Screenshots from the McDonald's app reveal how the hack works. Source: Facebook/ Markdown Addicts Australia

“You'd just order for example, 'a large cheeseburger meal with a medium coke’.”

“Ok so I used to work at McDonald's and their medium drink is the same amount as their large drink,” they said.

Several others said that they too do this and that it works every time.

“Been doing this for the last 18 years but with a small drink,” one person shared.

“I've been doing this for ages and also buying the Happy Meal instead of the small cheeseburger meal,” another added.

However, some questioned how long it would last now that the hack was becoming more widely known, stating that McDonald's could soon catch on to the pricing glitch.

Other Macca's menu hacks

The hack post sparked a lot of interest from fellow Macca's fans who also shared some of their tried and tested menu hacks. One shared that purchasing two three-piece chicken nuggets Happy Meals was better value than purchasing one six-piece chicken nugget meal.

Melbourne McDonald's restaurant.
People online have gone crazy about a newly discovered Macca's hack. Source: Getty

"If you order two Happy Meals with three nuggets each - it’s around $11.50-ish when the one Happy Meal with six nuggets is $9.75!” explaining that they receive the additional chips and drink for $1.75.

"My hack is that I love cheeseburgers and a small cheeseburger meal is $9.70 but a cheeseburger happy meal is $5.75. So you save $3.95 for the same thing. You can add extra patties and cheese at the speaker and upsize your drink too," another added.

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