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'Sea Doggo' Gets Curious About Diver's Camera

A diver’s camera caught the heart-warming moment when a friendly sea lion in Western Australia came nose to nose with the intriguing recording device.

Dylan DeHaas was diving in Western Australia when the adorable pinniped took an interest in his camera and came closer to give it a good sniff.

“I swim regularly in this area but have only seen fleeting sea lions pass me a few times,” DeHaas told Storyful. “However on this occasion, this sea lion, whom I named Hamish, took a particular liking to me and my camera housing! We spent over 30 minutes in the water together until he eventually went about his day.”

He added: “[Sea lions] really are the doggos of the sea!”

The Australian sea lion is an endangered species and is listed as rare, with Special Protected Species status in Western Australia

DeHaas is a keen photographer and regularly publishes footage of his marine findings. He recently captured the viral video of a turtle surviving a shark attack. Credit: Dylan DeHaas via Storyful

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