Scott Morrison's major backflip after royals call him out

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed he will be attending the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow after weeks of uncertainty.

The PM told reporters on Friday he will be attending COP26, despite previous concerns over quarantine requirements.

He said the government was still finalising its position to take to the summit but a decision will be made before they leave.

The major climate change conference will begin on October 31 and will be attended by leaders from all around the world including US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Scott Morrison confirmed he will be attending the UN climate change conference in November. Source: Getty
Scott Morrison confirmed he will be attending the UN climate change conference in November. Source: Getty

The change of heart comes after the Queen was caught on camera sharing her frustration about “irritating” world leaders who haven't yet committed to this month’s crunch climate summit in Glasgow.

"Extraordinary isn't it... I've been hearing all about Cop... still don't know who is coming... no idea," she could be heard saying on the event's live stream coverage.

"We only know about people who are not coming... It's really irritating when they talk, but they don't do."

PM blocks Perrottet's plan for tourists to return to Sydney

Mr Morrison backed the NSW government's shock decision to ditch hotel and home isolation requirements from November 1, although warned only Australian citizens and residents will be granted entry at first.

"We are not opening up to everyone coming back to Australia at the moment," Mr Morrison told reporters.

“The Commonwealth Government has made no decision to allow other visa holders... to come to Australia under these arrangements," he said.

“They are decisions for the Commonwealth Government and when we are in a position to make that decision down the track, obviously in New South Wales, they will be able to do so if they are vaccinated without having to quarantine.”

A Qantas plane taking off.
Australian citizens will be welcomed home first. Source: Getty

The PM also confirmed international borders reopening in Australia as he dangled the possibility of it extending to international visitors, although he didn't give any indication of when that would be.

"The [National Security Committee] agreed that we would be looking at expanding the definition of immediate family to include the parents of Australian residents and citizens," Mr Morrison said on Friday.

"I know that will be very welcome news to Australians right across the country who were hoping to be reunited with their family members, their parents who are overseas."

The matter will be taken to the National Security Committee which will meet next Tuesday.

Taking reopening 'one step at a time'

The Prime Minister said borders will open to Australian residents and citizens first, followed by skilled migrants, students after that, and then tourists will be allowed to come back into Australia.

He did not outline when that is due to happen, telling reporters: "Everything all in good time".

"We are not rushing into this," he said. "We are taking it step by step".

The prime minister also praised NSW for nearing an 80 per cent vaccination rate, calling it a "further sign of the national plan coming into effect"

"NSW is hitting 80 per cent double dosed vaccination rates," he explained.

"The city is becoming one of the most vaccinated cities in the world today and that is a great achievement for Australia and in particular for those across Greater Sydney and it is one hard-fought for and hard-won.

"[The national plan] will allow Australian's to start reclaiming so many of the things that have been taken from them throughout this pandemic," he said.

"In New South Wales's case, it means those family members will be able to come into Sydney if they are vaccinated and not have to warranty under the arrangement that the Premier has announced today.

"That is a welcome step forward."

There will be a 210 cap per week for unvaccinated Australian's to return to NSW.

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