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The NSW vaccine passport, or VaxPass, has officially been launched but how do you get it and install it on your phone?

Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello tweeted on Friday announcing the arrival of the VaxPass. 

It’s an app designed to link your digital vaccination certificate to your Service NSW app.

In doing so, it means people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will just use the Service NSW app to sign into places instead of having to show the certificate as proof.

There are currently two different ways to add your vaccination certificate to the app. 

Here is a step-by-step guide. Before doing anything, make sure your Service NSW app is up to date otherwise this will not work.

A woman is pictured lying on a cushion using a phone.
The VaxPass is now available in NSW allowing fully vaccinated residents to show vaccination status via the Services NSW app. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The Express Plus Medicare app

If you are using the Express Plus Medicare app, open it and select “Proof of Vaccinations”. You will find that in the “Services” section just below a tab which reads “My Details”.

Once opened, select “View history” and then you will be shown a screen with two options. One of them will allow you to view your certificate and the other will read: “Share with check in app”.

Select the “Share with check in app” option – you may have more than one option here depending on what states you have visited and what apps you have on your phone. For example, if you visited Melbourne earlier this year when the borders were open you will likely have the option of adding it to the Victorian equivalent of the Services NSW app.

Service NSW should appear if you have the app. Click “Share” and then “Accept and share”.

From here, just follow the prompts. It will add the certificate to your app and will be viewable below the "Licences & Credentials" section.

A screenshot of the Medicare app is seen on an iPhone.
You can add your vaccination certificate via the Medicare app on your phone by looking up your vaccination history and sharing it with the Service NSW app. Source: Supplied

Medicare online via MyGov

The other way of adding the certificate to your Service NSW app is by using your smartphone’s web browser and logging into your MyGov account like you would on your computer.

Firstly, sign in to MyGov and then select Medicare under the “Your Services” section.

You should see a tab with options “Make a claim”, “My card” and “History and statements”.

The MyGov Medicare section is pictured on an iPhone.
You can download your certificate to your Apple Wallet if you're using an iPhone, view it as a PDF or share it with an app. Source: Supplied

Clicking “History and statements” should provide the option to look at “Proof of vaccinations” which will show your vaccination history. 

Once in here click “View history”. You should be shown a screen which has your Covid-19 digital certificate available to view as a PDF. You also have options to “Share with check in app” or if you’re an Apple or Android user you can add it to your wallet as you would a plane ticket.

"Share with check in app" should add the certificate to your Service NSW app.

Alternatives to the Services NSW app

If you don’t want to add your certificate to the app you can always display it from your phone’s wallet if you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone. 

Or you can print it out and keep a copy to show to any venue which might require proof.

The certificates have a number of security measures to prevent forgery including a QR code.

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