Scots can ‘end Tory nightmare’ on Thursday by voting Labour, says Sarwar

Scots can use their vote to “end the Tory nightmare” on Thursday, Anas Sarwar has said.

On the day before polls open, the Scottish Labour leader said his party will “secure a better future for Scotland”.

He also cautioned voters against five more years of the “sleazy Tories”.

Mr Sarwar said: “This election is an opportunity for change that Scotland cannot afford to miss.

“Imagine waking up on Friday to the news of five more years under the Tories – the same sleazy Tories that put party before country, crashed the economy and left ordinary families to pick up the bill.

“But with a simple cross in a box on Thursday, Scots can end the Tory nightmare and deliver a transformative Labour government with Scotland at its heart.

“A Labour government in the service of working people with Scottish MPs at its heart is in reach – but only if you vote for it.

“This election is a straight choice between a broken status quo with two bad governments, or change with Labour.”

Meanwhile, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer set out his party’s offer to Scotland in an article published in the Daily Record.

He wrote: “Unlike other parties, I don’t want Scots to use this election to just send a message.

“I want you to send a government to Westminster – a Labour government with Scotland at its beating heart.

“When you walk into your local polling station tomorrow, there are two futures on the ballot paper.

“The Tory and SNP candidates offer more of the same – more sleaze and scandal, and more division and decline.

“The last Labour government transformed Scotland – investing in our NHS, creating the national minimum wage, lifting hundreds of thousands of Scots out of poverty, and creating the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy said: “This election is a chance for Scots to end the SNP’s independence obsession for good.

“If voters back the Scottish Conservatives in key seats across Scotland where it’s a straight, and very close, fight between us and the SNP, the nationalists can be heavily defeated.

“But a vote for any other party in these key seats – including Reform or Labour – risks the SNP getting in by the back door.

“It’s only the Scottish Conservatives who have provided an effective opposition to the SNP, while Labour have backed them on a host of issues including abandoning oil and gas workers, raising taxes, gender self-ID and the Hate Crime Act.”