Scooter driver's dangerous stunt on busy Aussie road

The act caught the eye of stunned onlookers, who quickly filmed the stunt and shared the footage.

Two people have been recorded tempting fate on a busy road in Sydney, one driving a motor scooter while their passenger behind juggled a large flatscreen TV in his lap.

The duo were snapped driving along Addison Road in Marrickville, seven kilometres southwest of the city's CBD, catching the eye of stunned onlookers, who were quick to record the dangerous stunt.

NSW Police have since revealed officers are investigating the incident, which comes amid an increase in road accidents this year. Unsecured loads have caused both death and injuries on Aussie roads in the past.

A passenger on a scooter seen holding a flatscreen TV on the road.
The dangerous stunt was snapped in Marrickville, in Sydney's Inner West. Source: 9News

Under the state's law, loads must be restrained using an "appropriate method" that "does not make the vehicle unstable or unsafe", with overhanging and unsecured goods attracting a $439 fine and the loss of three demerit points.

Road accidents a leading cause of death in Australia among young people

According to Australia's Institute of Health and Welfare, suicide was the leading cause of death among people aged 15–24 (36 per cent) in 2021, followed by land transport accidents (19 per cent).

Just days ago, a Queensland driver attracted outrage after attempting an extremely unsafe manoeuvre on the road. Taking to social media, a woman shared frightening footage of a driver appearing to increase their speed to prevent being overtaken on a windy stretch of road in the rain.

A dangerous driving act in Cairns, Queensland.
The driver of a black ute can be seen increasing speed as another vehicle tries to overtake. Source: Supplied

In the dashcam video the driver of a black ute can be seen speeding up as an overtaking lane opens and a white ute tries to go around — blocking the driver of the white ute and forcing them back.

The video was shared to a Cairns Facebook page with the poster appalled by the black ute driver's behaviour. "The ute then continually crosses double lines and then overtakes a truck over double lines on a blind corner," the woman said in her post.

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