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ScoMo's seemingly innocent Instagram post slammed: 'READ THE ROOM'

There are some things that just aren't meant to be, and it's safe to say cooking, Scott Morrison and social media is a disastrous combination that should just be left alone.

The prime minister has a penchant for cooking up a storm in the kitchen before sharing with the masses on Instagram and Facebook.

Indian is famously his go-to cuisine, and on Saturday, nearing the end of his two-week quarantine period after returning from a trip to the US, he shared a photo of himself cooking a Saag curry at his barbecue with a wide smile on his face.

"Day 13 of quarantine almost done," he said on Instagram with a big green tick emoji.

Yet in a similar fashion to when he triggered a wave of angry Western Australians or when others questioned the authenticity of his cooking after images of his ingredients and final product appeared to vastly differ, Mr Morrison's post did not go down too well.

Many suggested the post was inconsiderate to those who have to quarantine in far worse conditions and the thousands still stuck overseas.

"Gee must being doing it tuff in quarantine (sic)," one person said sarcastically.

"Read the room - pretty distasteful putting this up while most people have to quarantine without even being able to open a window never mind cook a meal," another said.

Scott Morrison pictured in Canberra in a navy suit and blue tie.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced Australia's international border will reopen next month. Source: Getty

"Lucky you. I had to do mine in a hotel room with no fresh air and my view out the window was a brick wall. I didn’t see the sky for 14 days," one person said of their own experience.

"How tone deaf are you?" another asked.

Two-week quarantine to end soon

At the start of October Mr Morrison announced hotel quarantine would be no longer as of next month, instead replacing it with a seven-day home quarantine period.

It will bring to an end a 20-month period where Australians were shut off from the rest of the world as the nation for large parts of the pandemic managed to suppress the virus to minimal levels of transmission.

Mr Morrison has made several trips overseas amid the pandemic, including to the UK for the G7 summit where he angered Australians for visiting a pub.

He was pictured outside the pub smiling, which was described as "tone deaf".

Mr Morrison this week labelled social media a "coward's palace" and called on sites such as Facebook to do more to control abusive users who comment anonymously.

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